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Yentl Ma

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Rolling Ring Drives in Shanghai
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Rolling Ring Drives in Shanghai

Rolling Ring Drives in Shanghai


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operating principle of rod stripper

Less wiring device in our daily life with big, more is commonly used in the industry, holds the messy wires, steel wire rope belt such as line, put neat row of a mechanical equipment, technical staff only need to transfer the machine button, can adjust the pitch of wiring, achieve uniform row line, and no swimming clearance, convenient to the efficiency of the manufacturers operating in mechanical engineering.

Polished rod wiring device is by rotation of the polished rod line, can be stepless adjustment, namely under the condition of without changing the rotational speed position, as long as change the position of the wiring device scale pointer can realize speed regulation, under the condition of without changing speed as long as change the direction of the arm can achieve instant reversing.The rod stripper consists of a rod, a travel switch, a commutator and three pairs of rolling bearing rings mounted on a t-shaped plate.The wiring principle is power passed to 3 of the polished rod speed N of contact with the rolling bearing rings, with the help of the friction between the ring and the polished rod make bearing ring horizontal motion and promoting row line by line, collisions with the switch movement to the limit position, change the tilt direction of bearing, so as to change the direction of movement.Wire disc clamping adopts screw nut mechanism and is equipped with lock nut.The spiral groove structure is designed for easy disassembly. As long as the operating handle is sliding in the groove, dismounting plate can be realized.

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